Bourtzi Peninsula

Bourtzi Peninsula

Entering the harbor of Skiathos one will face both the commercial and the old port, seperated byt the peninsula Bourtzi. In the year 1207 the Brothes Gyzi conquered the island and built the small Venetian castle Bourtzi.

Bourtzi but was rather inappropriate for the protection of the population and during mid 14th century the capital of Skiathos was moved to the Castle. In 1660 the castle was destroyed by the famous Venetian admiral Morosini (who also bombed the Parthenon). Nowadays you can visit the ruins of the fort, the place where the Agios Georgios church stood as well as the reservoir.

After the liberation from the Turks, Bourtzi opened was used as the first quarantine of the island. In 1906 an elementary school, donated by Andrea Syggrou, was built.

Now it is has been transformed into a Cultural Center in which theatrical plays are staged every summer. Finally, a municipal cafe is also on Bourtzi, which organizes special evenings, perfectly in line with the style and atmosphere of the small green peninsula.
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