In the mid 14th century, the capital of Skiathos was moved to the castle located on a peninsula in the northern part of the island. The castle was under Byzantine administration until 1453. The Venetians had the castle in their possession until 1538. Afterwards the Turks occupied it until the Greek Revolution of 1821.

The peninsula was itself a natural fortress. The castle was strengthened later for far better protection of the side shore with battlements and cannons. The only connection to the mainland was via a removable wooden bridge. When intruders came very close they pulled the bridge back and closed the entrance. Then they used "scalding bowls", a boiler with hot water or oil, in order to keep the intruders away.

Although the castle was very secure, the life in the castle featured many difficulties mainly because of the limited space available.

In the year 1830 the Castle was abandoned and only the ruins of the walls, a church and some other buildings are proving the importance of the castle for the history of Skiathos island.
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