Τavern Folia

Τavern Folia
Tavern Folia is a traditional authentic tavern which is located in the center of Skiathos amidst lovely narrow island under cool foliage of ancient trees.

It is a family business which promises to offer to its visitors rich culinary traditional experiences in a very beautiful area with service that is rare.

Mr. Kostas love for the Greek traditional cuisine, valorose restaurant in the minds of the inhabitants and visitors as one of the best traditional restaurants of Skiathos. To this purpose contributed the experience of ten years and the high respect for tradition and the customer.

Every day are served at least 4 different daily dishes of traditional flavors that can satisfy any desire.

Spiros will take care of your better service and make you feel so cozy that your visit to Taverna Folia will become an unforgettable experience.
AddressSkiathos (Chora)
Tel.:  (+30) 24270 23196
Email:  dyne_@windowslive.com
Facebook: Facebook Page


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