Tavern Batis

Tavern Batis
The tavern Batis is a family tavern open all year. It offers Mediterranean Greek cuisine with old recipes of Skiathos. The foods are made with care from Lady Helen, the owner of tavern.

The secret of success is that are used the finest Greek raw materials and remind the foods of grandmother! The oil of is our production, the vegetables are local production and meats are exclusively Greek. Particularly, high quality fish from Skiathos and the nearby area.

We propose to you trying the homemade trimming of Lady Helen that you will enjoy drinking ouzo or raki. The most famous dishes are spaghetti with our seafood, such as lobster spaghetti.

Just because batis means cool southern wind blowing on the coast by the waves you will find us next to the Old Harbor, with the panoramic viewpoint of the islands Tsougria and Marago. Walking in the Old Harbor on the stairs next to the central church we want you to come and taste our cuisine.

We are sure that you will definitely advertise us to your friends!
AddressOld Harbor, Skiathos
Tel.:  (+30) 24270 22288
Email:  info@tavernabatis.gr
Site:  http://www.tavernaobatis.gr/
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