Monasteries & Churches

The Monastery started to be built in 1974 from a small group of monks, whose movement was called Kollyvades... Read more
The Monastery of Panagia Eikonistria (Kounistras) is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, located 13 km west of the town of Skiathos... Read more
On the north side and just five (5) km from Skiathos center lies the monastery of Agios (St.) Charalambos.
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The monastery of Panagia Kehria is built on a hill in the homonymous bay. It is located on the northwestern side of the island...
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The monastery of Agios (St.) John (the Hidden one) was built in 1726 and is located on the back side of the mountain Kounistra, a location full of greenery.

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Other picturesque orthodox churches existing in Skiathos are the one of the Three Hierarchs and the Holy Mary Limnia.
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