The beach is one of the best beaches in the Mediterranean and is known by the name Golden Sand since the sand is very fine and shining like the sun... Read more
One of the most popular beaches of Skiathos is the one of Megali Ammos (big sand). The beach is located out of town on the road to Koukounaries... Read more
The picturesque beach of Vassilias has taken its name from the Byzantine era, since it was a relax destination for emperors...
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The sandy beach of Achladies is located near the main road and only about two (2) km away from Skiathos town...
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The cape of Kalamaki is located five (5) km from Skiathos town and one can reach it by car or by bus... Read more
The beach is located on the south end of the island and attracts mainly young people... Read more

Kolios beach is among the most famous on the island and is just 10 minutes drive by bus from the town of Skiathos...

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Troulos (Dome) beach is ideal for families since the sea get not deep abruptly...

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If you are involved with windsurfing, then you have to visit the beaches Banana... Read more
The beach of Agia Eleni is usually preferred by families because of the quietness it offers. It is located on the western side of Skiathos... Read more
The Agkistro, the port of Xerxes and the Olive bay can be ound in the aread of Mandraki... Read more
The beach of Aselinos is located about 15 km from Skiathos town and is facing north. The visitors will encounter very small pebbles... Read more
The bay of Kechria as well as the adjacent bay of Lygaries are located in the north of the island, about 12 km from Skiathos town... Read more
Under the old medieval town of Skiathos, at the northernmost point of the island, lies a beautiful beach called Castle... Read more
This beach has its name from the church of Agia Paraskevi, whih is situated on the side there. The beach offers crystal clear waters and wonderful golden sand... Read more
In the northeastern part of the island lies the beach Lalaria, one of the most beautiful in Greece and one that made Skiathos famous... Read more
The tradition says that Nikotsaras, a hero of the Greek Revolution 1821, has been buried here... Read more
Three beautiful beaches are awaiting to be discovered in this northeastern part of the island... Read more
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