Taxi Reservation

The Taxi Associaton Skiathos was founded in 1986 and today it offers safe transport to thousands of visitors. The headquarters are at the new harbor just 50 meters from the passenger ships exit and it operates 24 h every day. It features taxi drivers with many years experience and a modern fleet consisting of Mercedes-Benz, VW, Skoda and Volvo automobiles that meet all safety standards.

The Taxis of Skiathos, unlike in other cities, have the ability to go almost everywhere. Visitors can use the Taxis in order to visit beautiful beaches, churches and all locations where there is no asphalt roads or a bus line. We also undertake the transport for any kind of events or excursions.

Indicative rates:
Skiathos – Monastery > 7.00 EUR
Skiathos – Vromolimnos > 9.80 EUR
Skiathos - Koukounaries > 16.00 EUR

Extra charges:
Appointments > +5 EUR
Phone call > +1.70 EUR
From/To Airport > +2.30 EUR
From/To Port > +1.00 EUR
Baggage > +0.35 EUR

Contact information
Tel.: (+30) 24270 24461
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