Alexandros Moraitis

AlexandrosMoraitidisAlexander Moraitidis was a scholar and a novelist and also the cousin ofAlexandros Papadiamantis. He traveled to various parts of Greece, but he mostly studied Mount Athos (Agio Oros). In 1929 he became a monk and changed his name to Andronicοs. He died in October of the same year in his hometown of Skiathos.

Moraitidis was born in Skiathos on October 15th 1850 and was the first of the seven (7) children of his family. His father descended from Mistras and the mother of a priestly family of the island and his father's cousin Papadiamantis.

He reached until the second year of high school in Skiathos, as the upper class did not exist on the island. So he finished his studies in Athens at the age of 21 in the Varvakio School in Athens, followed by his University studies in the philosophical school.

He worked as a journalist in the "Journal" of Koromila for a long time and also served as a Professor at various Athenian Gymnasiums. In 1886 and already graduated, he is decorated with the silver cross of the Redeemer and in 1914 he is awarded with the National Literature Excellence Award.

At the age of 51 he is getting married and 13 years later, when his wife dies, he commits himself in translating and writing theological texts.

His extensive work covers poetry, drama and short stories that made him widely known.

From all his publications, the 5 stage historical drama "Kallergis Varda", the historical novel of the years after Alexander the Great "Dimitrios the besieger" and the two six tome versions "Short Stories" and "With the north wind waves", which includes travel writing, are the most important works of all.

Like his fellow countrymen Papadiamantis he also feels nostalgy for his homeland Skiathos. He writes ethnic works, sea stories and about nautical adventures. He is named President of the Academy of Athens in January 1928 but he is not attending the position ever, since in 1929 he returns to Skiathos as Monk Andronikos, sickens and dies on October 25 of the same year.
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