Skiathos is perhaps the most famous and popular of the green islands of the northern Sporades (Skopelos, Alonisssos), a cluster of islands in the Aegean Sea, north of Evia and east of Magnesia.

Located in a relatively short distance from the shore (just 3 nautical miles off the coast of Pelion and 38 nautical miles from Volos) it offers easy access since it’s connected with a number of ports and also has it’s own airport.

The island has about 6,000 perminent residents, most of which deal with tourism and less on agriculture and fishing. There is also a long tradition in shipping, which began many centuries ago and played an important role during the Greek Revolution, with many ships from Skiathos participating in it.

With an area of less than 50 square kilometers and only one village, the town of Skiathos, it is remarkable that it features remarkable beaches almost all around the island, some of which have made it famous throughout the world and which are repeatedly awarded the Blue Flag.

The Koukounaries beach has been designated one of the best beaches in Europe! It features blue-green waters, fine golden sand and pine trees which almost touch the sea giving it an unmatched exotic beauty.

The island is so perfect travel destination offering high quality tourism services combined with breathtaking scenery rich in natural beauty, but also a great nightlife during the summer months.

Skiathos was mentioned and is referred until today by the same name...
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