Skiathos was mentioned and is referred until today by the same name...

Skiathos Town

The island's capital and its port is the town of Skiathos, which stretches from the beach to the hills...

Bourtzi Peninsula

Entering the harbor of Skiathos one will face both the commercial and the old port, seperated byt the peninsula Bourtzi.

  • Beaches

    Discover and enjoy all the magnificent beaches of Skiathos.
  • Sightseeing

    Read information about the sights of the island: Bourtzi, Tsougrias, Castle ...
  • Monasteries & Churches

    Get all the details on the temples and churches on the island!
  • Alexandros Papadiamantis

    One of the best Greek writers. Born in early March of 1851, he began his studies at the \\\"peer tutoring\\\" school of Skiathos....
  • Getting here

    Book air or ferry tickets to get to Skiathos!
  • Wedding in Skiathos

    The ceremony of marriage is the most important path in the life of a couple where its memories will remain forever.
  • Hotels in Skiathos

    Choose the perfect accommodation for you, among numerous hotels, guesthouses, motels ...
  • Restaurants & Taverns

    Choose where to have breakfast, lunch or dinner among the best restaurants and taverns of the island.

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